100 pushups… in a row?

Remember that movie Twins? Remember how Danny Devito got all the “shit” genes while the Schwarzenegger got all the good stuff? Well growing up with a brother who was twice the size of me I thought I had a lot in common with the shitty twin.

My brother is strong, good at mechanics, and is the stereotypical blue collar guy. Me? Well I became the first in our family to graduate college. I’ve been working an office job for the last 9 years.

Physically I feel a lot stronger than I did during my college years. I’ve entered a triathlon the last 3 years and manage to improve every year. My legs are strong, it’s my arms that are weak.

I plan to change all that since I stumbled upon hundredpushups.com.

The site is designed to bring you from doing zero pushups to 100 within 6 weeks. At this point I can do about 12 proper pushups, then I lose form. I should be embarrassed but I’m not. I know a lot of other people who can’t even do half of what I can do. 

I know that this workout regimen will be tough, and my arms are going to hurt, but it would be nice do pushups without working up a sweat. 


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