Diets will turn you into a fat ass

Aorta Stopping Goodness...

Aorta Stopping Goodness...



If you’re committed to eating healthier you need to do something first. Don’t call it a damn diet! Diets don’t work. Why? Because as soon as you’ve hit your ideal weight, you’re going to go off your diet… then you’re going to become a fat ass again. Trust me, I know from experience.

If you’re ready, start a new you… a lifestyle change. This means eating healthy and becoming more active. Start slow if you have to, but just make sure your progress. 

My wife is a vegetarian, I am an omnivore… For the most part we eat the same thing during supper but occasionally I’ll crave blood and dig into the freezer for a steak or some chicken. I will admit that eating healthier with a vegetarian is a lot easier. 

Starting can be easy. Ween yourself off soda, water is the best drink out there. Don’t eat so much fried food. Eat moderately, work on your portion sizes.

Eating 6 smaller meals a day will increase your metabolism. My wife’s boss works out every day but eats only 2 times a day. His workout results don’t show at all. Eat a good breakfast, a small snack, lunch, a snack, supper, and end it with another snack if needed. Eating this way basically tells your body “hmmm I don’t have to store this meal because I know in 3 or 4 hours I’m going to have more coming my way.” If you were to eat 2 or 3 meals a day your body is thinking “If I don’t store this I might die. Better make this into fat!”


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