Things I hate but other people love – The Music Edition

  • The Beatles – I like some of their music but for me I just don’t get it. Why did women go so ape shit over this crap?
  • Prince – or should we call him The artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as prince? I like one song by this guy, bat dance and I think that’s just because I love batman. The rest of his stuff just sounds like garbage to me. I can remember watching Purple Rain and wishing for some sort of interruption, possibly even death.
  • The Greatful Dead – I can’t explain it, I just don’t like it.
  • Nickelback – If I could pick one band I hate most, it would be this band. I hate their music, their look, and I hate people who try to explain to me why I should like them.
  • Metallica (post Black Album) – Remember when Metallica kicked ass? I was barley a teenager at the time but my love for Metallica changed to an outright loath. I really can’t fathom how “hardcore” fans could support them in their alt rock phase. Lets not forget that Metallica would sue their fans if they caught them downloading their music. Here’s a thought guys, instead of alienating your fans why not evolve and try to embrace technology. 
  • Bryan Adams – because his music sucks

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