Music Dissection #1

Have you ever listened to a tune and loved it… even though you had no clue what the lyrics were? Of course you have!

The first song was a big hit for both Aerosmith, and Run DMC. Yes, I’m talking about “Walk this Way.” If you’re like me, I just didn’t bother to really listen to find out what they were saying… the beat was just so damn catchy I didn’t give a damn about the lyrics. Well, lets begin.

Music Dissection: Walk This Way: Aerosmith

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Railway crossings…

Last week a local resident (guynonymousville) was killed when he was struck by a train. He was only 18 years old, had a kid, and showed some promise… he was a good kid.

This got me to thinking about how stupid people can be when near the tracks… both on foot, and especially in their vehicles.

Here are a number of close calls from stupid people.

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Memory Lane: Top 10 Hair Bands

Don’t be afraid to admit it guys (and gals), deep inside all of us there is a soft spot for hair bands. Here is my top 10 accompanied by a video to make you say “holy shit, I love this video!”. What is your top 10? Let me know by commenting.

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Interval Training…

When I first lost a great deal of weight I lost the last 30 lbs by way of treadmill. I had downloaded a greatmp3 off the apple store. It was an interval training session with Alberto Salazar. Before I started using it I hadn’t noticed much improvement, yet I had been jogging between 20-30 minutes at a time.

It wasn’t until I had that little mp3 file that I began to improve. I quickly learned that interval training is a key tool that athletes use to improve their stamina and speed. The pounds melted away while at the same time I was running faster than I had ever run before… often to the point where I’d draw stares from other gym members.

I am no where near that level anymore. I’m over 200 lbs, but I feel pretty healthy. I have just began a pretty intensive weight training routine and I plan to work in some cardio as well. That’s where the interval training is going to come in.

It’s important to note that before you even begin interval training you should be in decent shape. For example if you’re going to be cycling and doing interval training I’ve read that I should have about 500 kms of road behind me. I’m not exactly sure just how many km you should have when running, but I think it’s fair to say that you should be able to run comfortably for 20 minutes or more before you begin this type of training…. but then again, what do I know? This is just my opinion… I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on tv.

Interval training is broadly defined as repetitions of high-speed/intensity work followed by periods of rest or low activity.

Do your homework before you begin, you don’t want to do more harm than good. One of the major things I learned is that often people don’t go slow enough after the high intensity period. It’s important that you bring your heart rate back down to a level one… once you’ve achieved that then you can begin the next set. If your heart rate isn’t slowing down after a great deal of time, you’ve overworked yourself and it’s time to hit the showers.

If you’re at the gym, start your interval training on the bike. It’s easier to shift between high and low intensity, and you don’t have to worry about falling off the treadmill and going through any walls.

correction: The file I downloaded wasn’t coached by Alberto, it was Jay Blahnik. I realized I made this mistake this morning when I went out for a run. Please forgive me….

Fat doesn’t make you fat…

I have been reading a lot about healthy living, and one of the most interesting things I came across that might surprise people is that fat doesn’t make us fat. At least not in moderation… if you eat anything excessively it’ll make you fat, and that’s because of the calorie intake.

Fat can actually be good for you! It’s true, especially a fat known as Omega-3. It’s a type of essential fatty acid that has been linked to helping heart disease, stroke, and high blood preasure. 

I’d suggest reading up on the good fats, as well as the bad ones… fatso 😛

Christian the Lion

I’d suggest turning your volume down unless you want to listen to Whitney Houston… the story can be told without the music…

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Career Change

I used to have a personal blog where I’d usually write about the goings on in my life… then I started Guynonymous. For the most part I won’t get too personal but I thought a few times won’t hurt.

I am currently at a crossroads in my life. I work in the television industry, I’ve been doing this for about 9 years now. I love what I do, but have become burned out due to being overworked with not enough support staff. 

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