A list of a married man’s aphrodisiacs


Photo provided by stock.xchng

Photo provided by stock.xchng

I’ve said it earlier in my blog but I haven’t been married long. However I have lived with my wife for 2 years now so I hope that gives me at least a little bit of credit.


Aphrodisiacs can be scary, or cruel to animals. Rhino Horn is often used in Chinese medicine and is thought to increase libido. The general consensus is that if it looks phallic, it’s gonna help in the bedroom.

Spanish fly is not a fly, and it isn’t spanish. We’ve all heard of this one I’m sure, but I would strongly suggest people read up on it before even trying this one… unless of course you want to die. Spanish fly is actually a blister beetle ground up. The reason it is thought to be a “mood enhancer” is because of the burning and swelling it causes in the urinary tract. This is often mistaken for being sexual. The reality of it all is though you shouldn’t have to worry if you do buy spanish fly, it’s probably not the real McCoy. You’re more than likely just wasting your money on some kind of ground up pepper.

I really don’t have first hand experience when it comes to rhino horn or spanish fly so I shouldn’t say they don’t work. Placebo’s can be a amazing thing! In my experience I have learned that aphrodisiacs don’t have to be ingested.


  • Chores – It may sound stupid but think about it. If you have a house that’s a pig sty, and a house that is clean and tidy… which would you feel more comfortable “gettin’ it on” in? 
  • Get in shape – Exercise has been proven to increase libido. The better a person is in shape, the more energy he/she has… 
  • Be spontaneous – It is new surprise to any married man but women do love surprises. The surprise can be tiny, but it’ll mean a lot. Cook her favourite meal (*Note, if it happens to be macaroni and cheese, make something else!), or better yet, a romantic dinner. If you want to go big, I’d suggest plan a surprise trip. Call her boss, arrange some time off without her knowing, pack her bag, pick her up at work and go.
  • Chocolate – It’s no secret that people love chocolate. Wouldn’t you rather eat chocolate than an endangered species? Chocolate has a drug in it that makes us feel good, much like alcohol… control your portions!


For the most part, aphrodisiacs will really only work if you want them to. The trips, the dinners, chocolate, and getting in shape all work because you’re doing it together. The chores work because you’ve just scratched one major pain in the ass of her to do list.


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  1. wow… thanks for the list guys! you make me better now!
    keep posting.. and please visit my blog.
    have a nice day!


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