Excuses that just don’t cut it.

When you’re just starting out, working out can be difficult. We make up excuses and for the most part, they’re not valid ones.

I’m too tired! I know this one very well. I used to use it a lot but lately I’ve found it to be BS. Why? Well for starters I have a desk job, why should I be physically tired? Once I hit the weights or jump on my bike and mash the pedals I soon realize I’m full of energy and feel 100X better once I’m done.

My workout clothes are dirty. Grab another t-shirt and shorts and move it!

The gym is too crowded. Go outside and run, walk, swim… you don’t have to get your workout inside the gym

My water broke. OOOOO cry me a river, get out there and run around the block a few times!

I can’t find my mp3 player. Good, maybe this time you’ll be able to focus on what your doing. More than likely if you’re listening to music your technique probably sucks.

I have to let my food digest. Okay, lets wait an hour or two then…. now what’s your excuse?

Not enough hours in the day. Taking care of yourself is just as important as that lunch meeting or that conference call.

I need a personal trainer to tell me what to do. No you don’t, if you don’t know how to use certain machines, don’t be afraid to ask another person who is between sets. Just don’t talk to them when they’re in the middle of lifting… unless you want to die.


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