Unhealth related: Bacon

Bacon is not the most healthy food in the world. In fact, one might not even say it is… healthy. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon bacon cups. Not Martha shows you exactly how to make cups made out of bacon. Why? My guess is no balance out the salad with something that’ll kill you.

This lead me to wonder what other artery clogging goodness people have come up with involving bacon.

  • Canned Bacon – Now I have not tried it, nor will I ever but I could only imagine this as tasting like a treeplanters ass after spending 6 weeks without a shower.
  • Bacon Soap – The smell of bacon is kind of nice every once in awhile. When you wake up early in the morning to the smell of bacon, it makes one think of home. Smelling like bacon 24/7 makes one think of heart attacks.
  • Bacon Ice Cream – Nothing says refreshing on a hot day like a salty bowl of ice cream!
  • Bacon Jam – Remember when you wanted to have a peanut butter, jam, and bacon sandwich but just didn’t have the time? Well your problems are over!
  • Bacon Candy – Gummie Bacon and bacon flavoured suckers will mold your kids into the morbidly obese adults you’ve always wanted them to be!
  • Bacon and chocolate chip cookie – It is really hard to have an open mind… this is just getting ridiculous!

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