Things to do when you’re strapped for cash

When you don’t have money it seems like there’s nothing to do. This of course just isn’t true. Here is a list of things that you can do.

  1. Go camping – If you can avoid campgrounds and just camp on crown land (if you’re Canadian) or use state parks (if in the USA) camping can be cheap. Basically the cost of food if you already have the camping gear.
  2. Go for a bike ride – Probably one of my favourite activities. I own a road bike and find riding an hour or two on my bike not only enjoyable but at the same time it’s helping me drop that spare tire.
  3. Exercise – Kind of the same as #2, but there are many forms of exercise. Workout, go for a run… just get that heart pumping!
  4. Clean your house – It may not be as fun but you’ll feel better once it’s done.
  5. Take a hike – pack up a lunch and go spend the day hiking. Bring plenty of water!
  6. Read a book
  7. learn something new
  8. Watch a local sports event
  9. Weed the garden
  10. mow the lawn
  11. Pick up garbage in your neighborhood
  12. nap – hopefully after you’ve accomplished something
  13. learn to dance – I still gotta figure this one out…
  14. bake
  15. Go test drive cars
  16. play video games
  17. volunteer
  18. create a weekly meal plan
  19. tour a local business
  20. window shop
  21. Have a no tv day… or better yet, a no tv week.
  22. play basketball
  23. have a garage sale
  24. create a website
  25. go outside and spend the day taking pictures
  26. go do your local sports team and catch them practicing for the big game… usually they’re free
  27. play board games
  28. visit friends or invite friends over
  29. expand your vocabulary
  30. go to the museum
  31. visit an art gallery
  32. learn to cook a new dish
  33. bbq
  34. have sex with your significant other… if you don’t have a significant other don’t seek a professional (you’re strapped for cash, remember).
  35. play with your pets
  36. build something
  37. clean out your car
  38. memorize a song
  39. spend some time alone
  40. Cash in on supper invites from family and friends
  41. surf the internet
  42. take pictures
  43. write
  44. write a blog entry about things to do when you’re strapped for cash
  45. Modify and make something you own better… or break it in the process
  46. buy replacement to “modified” household item
  47. protest
  48. write a letter
  49. complete long overdue thank you cards
  50. learn magic
  51. blow bubbles
  52. solve a rubik’s cube
  53. Organize a movie night with your friends. Watch a movie already owned by you or a friend.
  54. learn to knit
  55. quilt
  56. play rockband with a group of friends
  57. visit historical landmarks in your area
  58. go to a public park or downtown and people watch
  59. Go to the bar as the “designated driver” and people watch
  60. go to your neighbors bedroom window and…. just kidding, don’t do this!
  61. crack open your change jars and start rolling those coins
  62. organize your dvd collection
  63. clean up your files on your computer, delete all unnecessary files.
  64. Go to the pet store… it’s like a very tiny zoo
  65. look at old family photographs
  66. go job hunting
  67. listen to music
  68. rearrange your furniture
  69. take a truck load of junk you don’t need to good will or the dump
  70. Go star gazing
  71. fly a kite
  72. make a paper airplane
  73. origami
  74. (only if you’re single) explore online dating sites
  75. cut coupons
  76. Call the animal shelter and become a volunteer dog walker
  77. call animal shelter and seniors centre and see if you can bring a dog to visit the elderly 
  78. build a campfire and tell ghost stories
  79. learn some memorable clean jokes
  80. and some dirty ones too
  81. if you’re in a city, go watch the planes take off and land… (this can be found at the airport)
  82. read my blog
  83. call mom and dad
  84. organize a potluck
  85. ride the local transit
  86. read a newspaper
  87. write a letter to the editor
  88. create your own comic strip
  89. play online games
  90. download trial software
  91. clean out and organize your cupboards
  92. defrost fridge (if your freezer has more ice than storage space)
  93. throw out 5 month old mystery meat in back of fridge… proceed to clean the rest of the fridge as well
  94. hand wash your car
  95. go camping… indoors. Set up camp indoors, but no campfire.
  96. make gifts for family and friends
  97. geocaching
  98. tye dye… and never wear that shirt again…
  99. return empty beer and wine bottles… chaching!
  100. take in local or regional festivals

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  1. Very Nice

    Thank you

    my first camping

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