Memory Lane: Top 10 Hair Bands

Don’t be afraid to admit it guys (and gals), deep inside all of us there is a soft spot for hair bands. Here is my top 10 accompanied by a video to make you say “holy shit, I love this video!”. What is your top 10? Let me know by commenting.

10) Warrent

9) Van Halen

8) Mötley Crüe

7 ) Bon Jovi

6) Skid Row

5) Iron Maiden

4) Dokken

3) Twisted Sister

2) Poison

1) Guns n’ Roses



  1. If you love hair metal and other related hard rock, you should check out “Hard Rock Nights” on Check out my blog at also for the playlists and such.

  2. Twisted Sister #3??? Iron Maiden #5??? I would put them in the Heavy Metal group!

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