Railway crossings…

Last week a local resident (guynonymousville) was killed when he was struck by a train. He was only 18 years old, had a kid, and showed some promise… he was a good kid.

This got me to thinking about how stupid people can be when near the tracks… both on foot, and especially in their vehicles.

Here are a number of close calls from stupid people.

Stupid Truck Driver

The truck comes to a railway crossing, the signal and arm come down… the driver hesitates, then gives it a go…

Stupidity Defined

Normally I don’t think people deserve to die, but if you’re this stupid…

Train Chicken

is it just me or do some people just don’t value life?

Train Hacking

These kids are so lucky nothing bad happens when they tamper with the tracks.

Click Here to VIEW

Happy Ending!

Normally when a moose is on the tracks the result is tenderized meat. These engineers were going slow enough to give moosey a chance.


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