Music Dissection #1

Have you ever listened to a tune and loved it… even though you had no clue what the lyrics were? Of course you have!

The first song was a big hit for both Aerosmith, and Run DMC. Yes, I’m talking about “Walk this Way.” If you’re like me, I just didn’t bother to really listen to find out what they were saying… the beat was just so damn catchy I didn’t give a damn about the lyrics. Well, lets begin.

Music Dissection: Walk This Way: Aerosmith

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Memory Lane: Top 10 Hair Bands

Don’t be afraid to admit it guys (and gals), deep inside all of us there is a soft spot for hair bands. Here is my top 10 accompanied by a video to make you say “holy shit, I love this video!”. What is your top 10? Let me know by commenting.

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