How I got fat

  1. Eating at my desk – At my worst, I was over 250 lbs and eating at work was probably one of the main causes of my obesity. Add to that it wasn’t carrot sticks but rather fried chicken and fries… and you’ve just become a candidate for heart disease and diabetes.
  2. mmmm beer – It’s no secret, I love beer… right now, it’s not something I drink every day, or week… or sometimes month. I used to drink it fairly often and in numerous amounts. This is bad, alcohol not only kills your brain cells, but it also kills your mid-section.
  3. Exercise just isn’t for me – When I was big, and a candidate for diabetes; exercise wasn’t even on my radar. However I started slow. Walking 30 minutes a day, then jogging a little, then a lot, then cycling… pretty soon I entered my first triathlon. Not to compete, but to complete… and I did it, even at 210 lbs. Exercise is for everyone.
  4. Fast Food Joints – They are evil… yes they taste good, but they’re killing you. High in everything that isn’t good for you, with huge portions just isn’t good. Even the “healthy” menu can be bad for you. Salads are fine, but think about the dressing!
  5. Eat Breakfast Growing up my dad would always say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” The thing about that is, he’s right. Your body hasn’t had any food for 8 hours or so, right when you wake up you need something to jump start your system.
  6. Stress – Again it ties in with work. When I was stressed out, I ate something bad. Fries smothered in gravey, cheese burgers, fried chicken… Find something that’ll relax you
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